COVID-19 Treatment in mid-2020

Few people are living in this world today who remember a pandemic of a similar extent as COVID 19. Despite all the progress and knowledge that humanity has gained since the Spanish influenza pandemic more than 100 years ago, COVID 19 has hit us largely unprepared and sadly many underestimated the strength of the current pandemic…

Site Networks During COVID-19 Pandemics

The impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Trials & Site Networks. An interview with Michaela Vancova, Managing Director at Slovak Research Center currently conducting 7 Open Clinical Trials at 12 sites.

4 Future of Health 2019 Startup Competition Winners

Future of Health Future of Health 2019 brought together up to 250 attendees across various fields with the goal of accelerating the development of healthcare through the communication of knowledge & best practices as well as building vital relationships among key industry players. Fresh ideas & solutions are at the source of innovation in health, […]

Top 10 Global Healthcare Summit

Future of Health A big thanks to Roche Healthcare Transformers for featuring Future of Health Summit 2020 in it’s top 12 Conferences to attend in 2020. We’ve come a long way and couldn’t be happier to continue improving and working hard to accelerate the development of the health ecosystem, globally. Check out the full article!   […]

Top 3 Future of Health 2019 Takeaways

Future of Health Roundtable Discussion

Future of Health The outcome of each conference is always dependent on several groups of people, and we’re happy to say that with the Future of Health 2019 Summit, we were fortunate that both the attendees as well the conference team had a remarkable experience. It’s no surprise that “the key to happy customers is […]