April 30, 2020 – Free Online Conference

Future of health VIRTUAL SUMMIT vs. COVID-19

Get inspired by first-hand information from experts across the Healthcare, Clinical Trials, Genomics, and Pharmacovigilance Industries and see how they’re tackling COVID-19.


About Future of Health Virtual

Future of Health Virtual is an unprecedented series of Virtual Summits inspired by our annual Future of Health Summit, traditionally held in Bratislava in the month of April. In light of the current situation and with the goal of helping businesses and the general public cope with the impact of COVID-19, Why Summits has made the decision to host monthly virtual conferences. Thanks to a meaningful network of global speakers, Future of Health Virtual Summit offers insight into leading business strategies & intelligence and delivers guidance in a time of uncertainty. 

9:30-11:00 CET •  April 30, 2020



Fast-paced dynamic interviews on strategies & digital tools 

We will be looking at how different Healthcare stakeholders across different regions are fighting back COVID 19 pandemics with DIGITAL TOOLS. What the current pandemics mean for the Healthcare Transformation and what cooperation for innovation we see is taking place.

9:30 AM CET

EMMANUEL FOMBU, A MEDICAL FUTURIST and best seller author of The Future of Healthcare: Humans and Machines Partnering for Better Outcomes, will present his vision of how COVID 19 will transform the industry and he will critically react to measures taken by different countries and organizations.

9:37 AM CET

ALI CIGER FROM PFIZER will present how Big Pharma like Pfizer is cooperating with other Healthcare stakeholders to fight the crisis.

9:45 AM CET

BENY RUBINSTEIN, FORMER MICROSOFT EXECUTIVE, currently Start-up advisor will present how Start-up nation, Israel is fighting the crisis and deploying latest technology research and entrepreneurship spirit backed by Israeli authorities’ leadership

9:53 AM CET

YARA ABO EL WAFA, ARAB REGION HEALTHCARE TRANSFORMATION PIONEER, will present her work on scaling up innovations from the MENA region to transform the Healthcare

10:00 AM CET

SHAFIQUE UR REHMAN – CEO OF PRIVATE HOSPITAL will show how his hospital is able to utilize the latest technology to fight the COVID 19

10:08 AM CET

PRIIT TOHVER, ADVISOR FOR DIGITAL SERVICE INNOVATION AT THE ESTONIAN MINISTRY OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS will show how the most advanced digital society -Estonia is using digital tools to fight COVID 19

10:15 AM CET

Q&A session


Tune in to hear three interviews of speakers to see how mobile applications & technological advancements are advancing and being utilized in our mutual effort to fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

10:30 AM CET

LIZ ASHALL – PAYNE – CEO OF ORCHA,  World’s leading health app evaluation, and advisor organization gives an overview of the best apps that help to fight pandemics and its consequences.

10:37 AM CET

ANDREJ STUNDECAN – CEO OF STEMI, a mobile application used in Slovakia by Emergency Teams and Hospital Medical Personnel to protect hospital staff from COVID 19 infection will talk about his experience to successfully implement Health App from the perspective of App Developer

10:44 AM CET

RAHEL BAILIE – DIRECTOR OF CONTENT AT BABYLON HEALTH, U.K.‘s leading digital healthcare service will talk about the importance of content modeling, including do’s and don’ts.

10:52 AM CET

Q&A session

Ali Ciger

Commercial Director

Priit Tohver

Advisor for Digital Service Innovation
Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs

Liz Ashall-Payne


Beny Rubinstein

Former Microsoft Executive & Startup Advisor

Rahel Bailie

Director of Content
Babylon Health

Moderator: Ladislav Michalek

Healthcare Advisor
Why Summits

Shafique Ur Rehman

Rehman Medical Institute

Yara Abo El Wafa

Healthcare Consultant

Emmanuel Fombu

Medical Futurist & Best Selling Author of
The Future of Healthcare

Andrej Studencan


11:00-12:30 CET • April 30, 2020

Clinical Trials

Interactive Panel Discussion & Industry Expert Interview

summit advisor

As the world is trying to contain the current pandemic, healthcare leaders start to ask what can we do to provide medicines and vaccines to the market faster. The hard situation and protective measures pose a risk to the new and ongoing Trials that are active worldwide. There is tension between the maximum recommended and minimum essential requirements to conduct a good trial. And to ensure the good quality of the outcome, many try to adjust the way the current Trials are conducted. Decentralized Trials have been here for years, but now more than ever, we need to start using these digital tools to keep providing the best possible care to everyone. With around 56 000 clinical trials worldwide, we need to act fast enough to ensure successful results and progress, and with that, digitals tools whether used for decentralized or hybrid trials can help significantly.

  • What changes have COVID-19 caused so far?
  • What archaic procedures need to change?
  • How to determine the right trials to go digital or hybrid?
  • How can patients benefit from innovation?
  • Remote recruitment and consent, are we ready?
  • How can we use digital tools to address the biggest obstacles the COVID-19 has posed to the active Trials?
  • How can we implement the digital tools for active and upcoming Trials?
  • What impact can have not adapting to the situation?


Michaela Vancova, Clinical Operations DIrector, Slovak Research Center


Gareth Powell, Engagement Project Lead and Business Development Officer, NIHR Clinical Research Network

Nurcan Coskun, Global Risk-Based Monitoring Program and Technology Solutions Manager to Clinical Trials, Ex-Medtronic

Matus Hajduk, Clinical Operations Lead, Healthmode

There is no available vaccine against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections and no drug with proven clinical efficacy, although there are several candidates that might be effective in prevention or treatment. We are seeing many trials and potential medicines being rolled out every day. But these trials need to be large and well designed to provide reliable outcomes.

Open science and data sharing principles need to be applied at all stages of COVID-19 research along with The FAIR guiding principles (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability) for equitable use and reuse of data.

  • What medicines are in consideration and what do we know about them?
  • What are the things we don’t know so far?

Several countries are already recommending chemoprevention or treatments for which there is no convincing evidence of benefit and banning the export of these medicines, thereby compromising the trials needed to establish the evidence.

  • What are we risking by this move, is it right or wrong?
  • What data and outcomes do we have from clinical practice in the treatment of COVID-19?
  • How can this data complement evidence from clinical trials of potential COVID-19 treatments and vaccines?
  • Which are the most perspective ways to follow now in Clinical Trials?


Rastislav Malejcik, Medical Science Liaison, Kyowa Kirin International plc


Jan Bosak, Clinical Development Manager, Zentiva

Michaela Vancova

Clinical Operations Director
Slovak Research Center

Rastislav Malejcik

Medical Science Liaison
Kyowa Kirin International plc

Gareth Powell

Patient Engagement Project Lead and Business Development Officer
NIHR Clinical Research Network

Jan Bosak

Clinical Development Manager

Nurcan Coskun

Global Risk-Based Monitoring Program and Technology Solutions Manager to Clinical Trials, Former Medtronic

Matus Hajduk

Clinical Operations Lead

13:15 – 14:30 CET •  April 30, 2020


Two expert keynotes and an interactive panel discussion

Keynote speech will be focused on not loudly voiced environmental factors halting or mitigating viral infection and disease, based on glycomics research.

This exciting lecture will also provide listeners with a simple, yet essential tip on how to decrease the chances of infection and severe manifestations of the disease! 

Keynote Speaker

Gordan Lauc, Co-director of Human Glycome Project         

This presentation will provide insight into current bioinformatic pipelines for Next Generation Sequencing Data output, discuss possibilities  of crowdsourcing COVID-19 data, as well as provide brief but scrupulous insight into basic biology of the virus, which is often misinterpreted mainly due to current overabundance of information  about COVID-19, often from unverified sources


Michael Edwards, Bioinfo Solutions LCC

There are well studied polymorphisms in our genome associated with resistance to viral infection, e.g. HIV (CCR5-delta 32). What are our possibilities and methods to identify variants associated with susceptibility to COVID-19 infection? 

  • Can be significant differences in mortality and morbidity across the world explained by different genomics background of the population?
  • Can epigenomics provide us an insight into huge differences in response to viral infection?
  • Would massive genotyping of general population provide significant advantage for current and future pandemics to identify most vulnerable/most resilient citizens?

Keynote Speaker

Andrea Riposati, CEO Dante Labs

Keynote Speaker: Gordan Lauc

Human Glycome Project

Tomas Szemes


Michael Edwards

Bioinfo Solutions

Andrea Riposati

Dante Labs

14:30 – 15:30 CET •  April 30, 2020


Two back-to-back insightful panel discussions on continuity & digital tools. 

This panel discussion will be focused on how PV teams are working effectively and safely during the current pandemic. What leaders are doing to help their teams, what procedures are in place to ensure everyone remains healthy, and how working remotely can be managed effectively. How are leaders also helping teams in a time of uncertainty and their mental health?

  • How to rapidly enable remote workforce?
  • What can drug safety leaders do to ensure effective communication?
  • How to remain compliant during this crisis?
  • Remote work and how to overcome its challenges?
  • What can this challenging time teach us


Mark PerrotHead of Development Consulting Huron Life Sciences, UK  


James Whitehead- Patient Safety Medical Device Lead, AstraZeneca, UK 

Deepa Arora- Director, CLINEXEL Life Sciences Private Limited, India 

Marie-Claire Wilson- Director/Senior Consultant Huron Life Sciences, UK  

Alexandr Meszaros– PV Consultant Switzerland 

This panel discussion will be focused on how digital tools are accelerated and very needed during the current pandemic. What tools teams are using and how this might create more innovation and digitalization within drug safety operations.

  • How is COVID 19 speeding up Digitalization within drug safety?
  • What type of internal digital tools are in place to enable remote work?
  • How this can be an opportunity for more innovation in areas not always prioritized?
  • How to maintain compliance and clear communication?


Mark PerrotHead of Development Consulting Huron Life Sciences, UK  


Marie-Claire Wilson- Director/Senior Consultant Huron Life Sciences, UK  

Alexandr Meszaros– PV Consultant Switzerland 

Mark Perrot

Head of Development Consulting
Huron Life Sciences

Alexandr Meszaros

Pharmacovigilance Consultant

James Whitehead

Patient Safety Medical Device Lead

Deepa Arora

CLINEXEL Life Sciences

Marie-Claire Wilson

Director/Senior Consultant
Huron Life Sciences

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