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World’s greatest minds in drug safety, pharmacovigilance, data analysis, reporting, government policy, and innovative technology united under the Why Summits Future of Pharmacovigilance World Tour



This is not just another Drug safety conference. This is a conference which tells you a STORY. One personal experience followed by another, a storyline of exceptional people who happen to choose Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance as their way to bring needed medicines and protect those who are the most vulnerable, and to improve the health of millions of people on our planet. You will hear experts talk about the current issues in this ever-evolving industry. The best practice case studies on how to integrate new, disruptive technology into the rather rigid processes of PV organization and how it evolves to stay compliant. But how to do this with the more and more restrictive budget? How to prioritize, what methodologies to use for advanced therapies? What is the next evolution step in signal detection noise clearance? Are A.I.-based tools to become our colleagues, helpmates, or our replacement? Nonetheless, each company, department, and project starts with people. But how to build a winning cross-functional team and what kind of workforce is necessary for a drug safety department of the future? What kind of skills to expect from millennials and gen-z entering the industry and why do we need veterans in the industry as well? Challenges with innovations, outsourcing, everchanging regulatory landscape, harmonization, teaching other departments on how to use RWE data, and engaging the more and more aware public. All these topics we address, are conveyed having our mission in our mind, bringing medicines and new therapeutic indications to patients, faster, safer, and more sustainably. Our visionary keynote presentations and best practice case studies will complement engaging panel discussions with different speakers to better understand Pharmacovigilance challenges and solutions from different perspectives, with unique views coming from some of the most experienced and passionate professionals. Our conference will feature numerous assisted formal and informal networking, matchmaking, and breakout sessions to create those critical business friendships that will bring fruitful cooperation and fill that missing piece in our common mission to improve drug safety and quality of life for all.

Confirmed dates & venues

Philadelphia Pharmacovigilance 2023
Date: September 13-14, 2023
Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States
World’s greatest minds in drug safety, pharmacovigilance, data analysis, reporting, government policy, and innovative technology united under one roof.
17th American Drug Safety Biotech & Pharma Conference
Date: November 16-17, 2023
Location: San Francisco, United States
World’s greatest minds in drug safety, pharmacovigilance, data analysis, reporting, government policy, and innovative technology united under one roof.
9th Annual European Drug Safety Pharma & Biotech Conference
Date: November 29-30, 2023
Location: Basel, Switzerland
World’s greatest minds in drug safety, pharmacovigilance, data analysis, reporting, government policy, and innovative technology united under one roof.


Who Attends

“Great dialogue on key issues. Everyone shared truthful insight and did not hold back, even on negative experiences.”
Sameer Thapar
Assistant Professor & Advisor, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance, Rutgers University
“High-quality speakers and attendees, a great mix between healthcare providers, life science companies, providers of digital health & AI solutions, and investors.”
John Mulcahy
CEO, HealthGenuity
“Unlike some other similar events, I found relevance in every session within your conference. The content was neither too simplistic nor too advanced. The participants and presenters provided a diverse view of the issues that are present for most in this industry.”
Christine Clearwater
Manager, Safety Operations and Vendor Management, Baxter, Global Patient Safety
“Loved it. It was very practical and provided valuable insight into practical methods that are actionable for patient safety.”
Daniel Naranjo
Global Safety Lead, Global Patient Safety Evaluation, Takeda


Mircea Ciuca

Global Therapeutic Area Head - Global Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance
CSL Behring

Jens Ulrich-Stegmann

VP, Head Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance GSK Biologics

Ricarda Tiemeyer

Head Drug Safety

Agnes Schubert-Tennigkeit

Global Patients Safety

Jamies Whitehead

Patient Safety Medical Device Lead

Francoise SIllan

VP Head of Global QPPV Office

Pedro Lima

Regional Medical Safety Head

Matthias Bödding

Senior Director & Professor
Merck & Universität des Saarlandes

Lambert Creuwels

Senior Medical Safety Adviser

Sally Lee

Senior Director Epidemiology

Philip Eichorn

Senior Director

Deepa Arora

Founder & Director
Clinexel Life Sciences

Salvatore Giorgio Cicirello

Senior Director Safety Science & PASS, Global Drug Safety & Risk Management

Mate A. Balazs

Country Head Patient Safety

Kaisla Lahdensuo

Chief Medical Officer

Mateja Raguz

DMD PHarmacovigilance Manager

Alina Tudor

Associate Director, Senior PV Physician/Deputy EU QPPV

Jackie Roberts

Executive Director Regulatory, Pharmacovigilance and Medical U/ IE/Malta and MENA
Accord Healthcare

Adem Koyuncu

Lawyer, Medical Doctor, Partner

Christine McNamee

Network Manager
Pharmacogenetics & Stratified Medicine Network

Zuzana Becotte

Head of Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory, and Medical Affairs

Francesca Iannacci

Head of Post-Marketing Vigilance
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Most great projects have come about because somebody, somewhere, has been a persuasive enrolling speaker. Think about your work. You need to be a leader. And leaders stand up to be followed. Anywhere. Speaking is an effective way of getting your message across. It can help you to show thought leadership. Your company exists for a reason. That means you have a ‘message’. A message that goes beyond selling your product. It’s your reason for existence. Spreading this message can be part of the marketing strategy. To try and become a thought leader in your industry is one of the tactics.

Not only will people get to know you but they will also get to know what you do, and this is critical in the professional world. Once people are fully aware of your expertise in a particular field, your career will soar to greater heights.

Attending and speaking at conferences at a professional level is a great way to get in touch with your target audience and utilize the opportunity to communicate effectively with them. You get a golden chance to assess the audience and get your brand message out in a subtle yet compelling manner.

Getting up in front of a larger group of people is an incredible motivator to review and research material.  Also, since our sessions are interactive, you will always learn different and new ways of tackling the same challenges you have from people attending the conference. You also learn what your peers care about, and get better ideas of new trends that may be surfacing in the marketplace

Our conferences have great networking opportunities, and we also hold evening receptions to help speakers and participants get to know one another. This is a great opportunity to meet the people who are well known and respected in your industry or who are likely to be more knowledgeable about new technologies, concepts or trends in your field.

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