'' The most important thing to me, and millions of others, is our health.''

In November of 2017, while living a carefree life, my world was shaken. An uninvited event happened to me when I suffered a stroke. I never could have imagined such a thing happening to me, as I was living a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, here I was, 40 years old, surrounded by wide-eyed onlookers, trying to understand what they are telling me, and asking them to explain it again. In the end, I recovered quickly. They said I was lucky. That this is a warning sign to change something in my life. People always say that health is the most important thing and that everything else can be managed. Perhaps they are right. Perhaps I can do more, not just for my health. But much more than that. I am a conference entrepreneur. I know how to bring people together, people who are senior-level decision makers from all around the world to discuss their work, their research, and the issues they deal with day to day. I asked myself a question. Why do I do what I do? And more importantly, what am I going to do now? The most important thing to me, and millions of others, is our health. I cannot discover a new piece of medication. I cannot develop a new technology. I cannot fund a new breakthrough startup. That’s not what I do. I organize meetings. So I partnered up with industry conference expert, Stanka, a thorough perfectionist with bright mind and kind heart that wins everybody’s sympathies, backed with valuable experience commercializing conference concepts from Chicago through Dubai to Bratislava to build a new conference. A conference that will inspire people to see how they can change lives of millions for healthy tomorrows. In April 2019, with our startup conference “FUTURE OF HEALTH” we delivered on our promises to create a unique summit for stakeholders in the health ecosystem to have much needed dialogue. We brought together over 250 health professionals from Pharma, Biotech, MedTech, Hospitals, Regulators, Tech Startups and Investors from all continents and 40 different countries to Bratislava. True to our motto “If we meet, we can change the world” we helped many Health startups to show their innovation to the corporate world. Innovations that will change our world for better health. We invite you to Bratislava in October 19-20 to be a part of Future of Health 2020! Stanka & Miro


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Future of Health is organized by Why Summits, an international events company that starts with Why. Why Summits is devoted to connecting all players of the health ecosystem through live, virtual, and hybrid events.