'' The most important thing to me, and millions of others, is our health.''

Today, still, there are too many unknowns about our health, about our lives.

One gets cancer and we do not know why. Someone fights it and defeats it, and then someone loses the fight entirely. And we still are not sure why. Strokes, deadly viruses, mental problems, infertility…

We are not ready to control our health. Not today, not yet. Somewhere tomorrow, our world will know, we will have the answers. We will understand the biology of ours. We will be able to monitor billions of chemical processes inside of us and we will understand them. Ultimately, we will take control of our health. It is a long journey ahead for mankind, a journey full of breakthrough inventions and innovations. Pioneers, Entrepreneur Leaders ad Scientists in Genomics Research, Cell Biology, Digitalization and Data Management, Disease Diagnoses, Disease Treatment, and Prevention Before Care will lead the progress and pave the road to the Future.

No other segment of our economies will bring comparable values and related opportunities to countries, organizations and individuals who will take this journey for better Health. This is the Future of Health.

“If we meet, we can change the world.” Stanka Taska & Miro Hornak Future of Health, Bratislava, September 21-22.